Our Mission

Our Mission | Natural Hands - Artisan Cosmetics

Our Mission – Artisan Cosmetics

I’ve realized it through my own experience what it is like when your body starts sending you signals…. something is not right, something needs to change! Then you start researching. Your skin is burning and you are going from store to store, but you can’t find anything that seems to be working.
Aww, your skin is itchy and aching again! You cannot sleep at night! HELP!!

You are browsing through the labels on the products, but you don’t understand what are all these ingredients and compounds. Ok, you chose something expensive hoping it will surely work. I have bad news for you! You are on the wrong path!
It takes years for your body to clean of all the toxins and problems. There is no magic formula. The magic starts when you finally understand you are the key to solve all your problems.

Healthy lifestyle

This is the one of world’s biggest problem today and it is due to our unhealthy lifestyle. We don’t pay attention to what we consume eating fast-food and buying frozen products that are full of preservatives. We use synthetic fragrances, synthetic ingredients of commercial cosmetics that contain toxins and colorants.

I have already learned that we need to get in line with nature. How true! I knew I was on the right path and I have not forgot about my heritage. This is what I have to use, what I can share with those who believe in nature and its healing powers. The key to success is back to nature!

Our Mission | Natural Hands - Artisan Cosmetics
Our Mission | Natural Hands – Artisan Cosmetics

Healing cosmetics

Did you know that through your skin your body can absorb twice as much toxins than from food?
Try to change you thinking! If you are interested in learning about natural and regular self-hygiene, you are on the right path.

Our products DO NOT contain artificial foaming aids, colorants, artificial fragrances, supplements. Not even preservatives, and synthetics which are unnatural.
If this is something you are interested in, you are at the right place. We only work with unrefined, untreated, raw materials that can all be found in nature.
I prepare and revise all my recipes, I follow all chemical and cosmological regulations, tests and licensing that guarantees that no harmful or dubious products will get into your system.

The rest depends on you and your lifestyle.

The soap artist and the cosmetic maker is `the founder` of Artisan Cosmetics.

Natural remedies are very effective and can give you moisturised and beautiful skin. Always make it a point to follow the right cleansing routine for your skin type. Artisan Cosmetics` pages give you tips, advises, a natural beauty guide and natural cosmetics for you to bring that glow back on your skin. Read more `about us` >>

It is your chance which products are perfect for your skin conditions. See around our `artisan shop` where you find our range of natural cosmetics. If you are not sure, please use our skin type filters >>

Our mission part is the Zero waste – Minimal waste philosophy

We start our zero waste or/and minimal waste policy since 2018. Please ensure for this philosophy is right for you before you start your purchase, or write us a message if your order will be a present or you would like a different packaging and labeling method.

Why we prefer the zero waste philosophy?

It happened many reason, but the two are most important us:

We never use any ingredients what tested on animals. Our products are cruelty free.

Find more information about Safety and Animal testing controversy of cosmetics >>

You can read more information why not use perfumes, harsh chemicals or irritants for eczema on British Association of Dermatologists Website.