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Find your right Natural Cosmetic and Soap Ingredients for your skin. We use natural oils and butters as natural cosmetic ingredients.

Natural cosmetics and soap ingredients appear below

Shea butter

Shea butter is carefully and gently stirred as it crystallises to give a creamy texture. It is cream to white in colour with the mild, nutty fragrance of the shea nut. It is rich in nourishing vitamins E, A and F giving it natural healing and anti-inflammatory properties and making it a superior treatment for very dry or chapped skin.
Shea butter has a naturally occurring UV absorber which provides an SPF of about 5 and the high levels of vitamin E, and anti free radical agent, reduce the ageing effect of the sun.
Karite trees, from which the Shea is extracted, grow naturally in the African savanna. As such they help support the natural environment, protecting it against drought. They require no fertilisers, pesticides or irrigation. A product truly in harmony with the environment.

Shea butter is:

  • natural ingredients of soaps
  • fantastic moisturiser and nourishes the skin
  • can help to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • great for dry, cracked or sensitive skin
  • combats wrinkles
  • can relieve the effects of eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions
  • It can help sunburnt skin, or peeling skin after tanning
  • relieves tough or rough skin
  • even helps to restore heat damaged skin

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is an important source of nutrient for your skin, it can be applied on the whole body. It hydrates and moisturizes your skin and scalp and very effective in combating wrinkles under your eyes and around your mouth. It helps with rashes, psoriasis, eczema or inflamed skin. The coconut oil can be used to treat and heal scars, it speeds up the skin’s recovery time, disinfects and protects from pollution and bacteria.

Olive oil

Olive oil contains a lot of vitamins (E, A, and K vitamins), minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, amino acids), and proteins and it helps your skin, nails and hair to remain healthy and healthy looking. It is highly moisturizing and is especially recommended for dry skin. The olive oil helps regenerate skin tissues so regular use helps your skin to become soft and elastic while it also strengthens your skin. The soothing effect of olive oil also helps with skin inflammations as it stop skin irritations.

Cocoa butter

  • The high antioxidant content helps with softening and protecting your skin, it is a real saviour for people with eczema.
  • As a source of vitamin E helps your skin to become more elastic and as such, it is great in preventing and treating striae and stretch marks.
  • Coconut butter is not only a great source of nutrients for your skin, but it also helps treating and caring for skin irritation, eczema, dermatitis and scars.
  • In its original form, coconut butter also works as a factor 6 sun cream and protects your skin against sun burn.

Castor oil

  • Castor oil contains a high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, protein and minerals and it is great in treating skin problems.
  • It also prevents the development and occurrence of warts, boils, athlete’s foot, fungus and chronic itching.
  • The castor oil is one of the important natural ingredients of cosmetics.
  • Because the unsaturated fatty acids are absorbed by the skin, castor oil highly moisturizes and hydrates your skin and helps getting rid of dry patches.
  • Castor oil stimulates the circulation at the follicles and speeds up hair growth.
  • It contains omega 6 fatty acid, which plays an important role in maintaining a healthy hair.

Grape seed oil

The cold-pressed grape seed oil, which contains no additives, is one of the most effective natural skin care. It is as one of natural ingredients excellent facial and body moisturizer and provides protection against harmful UV rays as well as it accelerates the healing of sun burnt skin. Grape seed oil also reduces inflammation of the skin and due to the antitoxins it contains, it slows down the ageing of the skin. In terms of skin and hair care, the most important components of grape seed oil are the polyunsaturated omega – 6 fatty acids.

Its skin protection and skin care properties are due to the antioxidant polyphenols (flavonoids), vitamin E and linoleic acid it contains. The antitoxins slow down the ageing of the skin and help to prevent and reduce inflammations. Because grape seed oil increases the production of collagen and elastin, it makes your skin firm and elastic and it is effective in combating and preventing wrinkles and striae. The grape seed oil is one of the unique natural ingredients of cosmetics. Because of its linoleic acid content, it is great for treating acne, atopic eczema, inflammations and allergy induced skin irritations. The organic fatty acids – tartaric acid, glycolic acid, malic acid – help fading melasmas on your skin. Grape seed oil is easily and rapidly absorbed and it regulates sebum production, and as a result, it eliminates dandruff.

Sesame oil

It has an intensive effect on body tissues as it opens up pores and delivers its active agents deep into the skin. It is the most penetrative of all the oils and rich in vitamins, especially vitamin E and minerals. Sesame oil also contains lecithin which helps maintaining your skin’s firmness and elasticity. It is very effective in treating dry skin, psoriasis and eczema, and it helps preventing bacterial infections on your skin. Sesame oil reduces inflammation and joint problems and it is very effective on acne. When you apply it on your skin, it attracts the toxins, and then you just wash it off gently with warm water and soap. The sesame oil is one of the important natural ingredients of cosmetics.

Neem oil

Neem oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and in essential amino acids. In high concentration it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, and as a result, it helps the healing of inflamed skin, irritations, mosquito bites and superficial injuries. Effective against acne because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Can be used for hair and nail care, very effective against itchy scull, reduces dandruff and strengthens the hair. It smoothens and disinfects the skin and prevents oily skin. The neem oil is one of the unique natural ingredients of cosmetics.

Glycerine (vegetable)

It is naturally produced during soap making.

Pure essential oils as natural ingredients of cosmetics

Cassia Cinnamon

An antispasmodic essential oil that enhances circulation and provides a warm sensation in your skin. It can be used to treat cellulite, fungus and bacteria infected areas and to prevent skin infections. Cassia also enhances vitality.

Cedarwood (Cedrus)

Cedar oil is an antimicrobial essential oil that enhances the circulation in the skin and is effective in treating cellulite and oily skin as well as greasy hair.


Helps to ease respiratory problems and diseases; to overcome bacteria, fungi or viruses induced infections; and to purify the air. It has analgesic and antipyretic effect; it is invigorating and refreshing as well as helps to clear your mind and to sooth angry feelings.


Geranium relieves pain and skin diseases, stops bleeding of wounds and promotes cell formation. It has a refreshing effect and improves lymphatic and general circulation.

Juniper berry

Juniper oil has an antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect. It enhances the circulation of the subcutaneous tissue and has a vitalising and refreshing effect.


  • Lavender soothes the skin and keeps it elastic and clean.
  • It helps eliminating blemishes, acne and the oiliness of the skin and it is effective in treating eczema, psoriasis, herpes or sunburn
  • Lavender also enhances the healing of wounds, bruises and abrasions.
  • It is an antiseptic that reduces inflammations, helps with congestion and strengthens the immune system.
  • Lavender releases muscle pain and tiredness, strengthens the nervous system and helps fighting insomnia.


This bactericide helps fighting infections, reducing effects of rheumatism, gout and arthritis as well as it strengthens your immune system. Lemon also tightens tissues, softens and smoothens the skin. It is especially good for oily skin and it helps treating acne. Citrus derivatives are not recommended to use before sunbathing because it may cause phototoxic reactions on the skin that could result in formation of spots.


Lemongrass is a comforting analgesic with antiseptic effects that cleanses the pores of oily skin.


  • Peppermint oil is used as a local anaesthetic for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and sport injuries
  • The cooling, vasodilator and analgesic effect also helps with treating migraines.
  • It is also a key component in skin care products (e.g. anti-itching creams) and in products for treating inflammations caused by insect bite.
  • The use around and in the nasal cavities is contraindicated with children under 5 as it may cause respiratory arrest.


  • Used for rheumatic pains and to improve memory.
  • It promotes clear thinking, supports alertness and stimulates the immune system.
  • Rosemary is effective in relieving skin diseases, treating the hair and scalp, and it stimulates circulation.

Sweet orange

  • An antiseptic that aids digestion, but it helps with skin blemishes, rheumatic problems and arthritis.
  • It has a refreshing and calming effect
  • The sweet orange is not recommended to use before sunbathing because it may cause photo-toxic reactions on the skin that could result in formation of spots.

Tea tree

Tea tree is a general disinfectant, it not only destroys fungi and bacteria, but it is also effective in fighting viruses. It heals fungal infections (thrush, athlete’s foot, and urinary tract infections), ulcers, and inflammatory diseases (mouth ulcers, gingivitis, and toothache). These natural ingredients can be used for skin diseases, sunburn, acne, cuts, wounds, insect bites, psoriasis. It strengthens the natural resistance of the body, calms, gives strength, and promotes concentration.

Occurs naturally in essential oils

Benzyl Benzoate

Benzyl benzoate is a naturally occurring allergen found in some essential oils we use. It has a fixative action, helping to stabilise and maintain the blended fragrance in a product.


Cinnamal occurs naturally in some essential oils we use, such as cinnamon, lemon, lemongrass and petitgrain. Some people are sensitive to this constituent.

Cinnamyl Alcohol

Cinnamyl alcohol occurs naturally in some essential oils we use such as cinnamon. Some people are sensitive to this constituent.


Citral occurs naturally in some essential oils we use such as bergamot, eucalyptus, geranium, ginger, grapefruit, lavandin, lime, litsea, orange, palmarosa and rose. It has lemony scent. Some people are sensitive to this constituent.


Citronellol occurs naturally in some essential oils we use such as basil, chamomile, coriander, eucalyptus, geranium, lemongrass, melissa, Roman chamomile, rose and tagetes. Some people are sensitive to this constituent.


Coumarin occurs naturally in many plants, giving them a sweet clover smell. Some people are sensitive to this constituent.


Eugenol is an allergen that occurs naturally in some essential oils we use, such as basil, bay, cinnamon, clove, lemongrass, palmarosa, petitgrain, rose, tagetes ylang ylang. It has a pleasant, spicy aroma. Some people are sensitive to this constituent.


Geraniol occurs naturally in some essential oils we use, such as chamomile, citronella, clary sage, coriander, geranium, ho leaf, lavandin, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, marjoram, neroli, Roman chamomile, rose, Spanish sage and ylang ylang. Some people are sensitive to this constituent.


Limonene occurs naturally in many essential oils we use: bay, bergamot, black pepper, chamomile, cistus, citronella, clary sage, coriander, cypress, elemi eucalyptus, frankincense, galbanum, geranium, ginger, grapefruit, helichrysum, ho leaf, juniper, lavandin, lavender, lemongrass, lime, litsea, mandarin, neroli, niaouli, orange, palmarosa, peppermint, petitgrain, pine, Roman chamomile, rosemary, Spanish sage, spearmint (garden mint), tagetes and tea tree. It smells like oranges and is used as a natural flavour in our toothpastes. Some people are sensitive to this constituent.


Linalool occurs naturally in many essential oils we use: basil, bay, bergamot, black pepper, chamomile, cinnamon, cistus, citronella, clary sage, coriander, cypress, eucalyptus, geranium, ginger, helichrysum, ho leaf, lavandin, lavender, lemon, lime, litsea, mandarin, marjoram, neroli, niaouli, palmarosa, peppermint, petitgrain, pine, rose, rosemary, Spanish sage, spearmint (garden mint), tagetes, thyme, violet absolute, yarrow and ylang ylang. Some people are sensitive to this constituent.

Clay as natural ingredients of cosmetics

Green Clay

Due to its 40% content of silica it has a high degree of ion exchange it soothes, rejuvenates and deeply cleanses the skin. It is great for acne and inflamed skin, but it is suitable for all skin types.

Kaolin (white) clay

  • White clay, also called china clay, used in porcelain production as well and it is the purest of all clay.
  • It is mostly used, however, in the cosmetics industry.
  • The kaolin clay cleanses the skin well and is even able to get the dirt out of deep pores.
  • It removes dead skin cells, relaxes, detoxifies, regenerates, improves skin texture and slightly whitens.

Illite (pink) clay

  • Pink clay (illite) is the mixture of kaolin and iron oxide.
  • The colour depends on the proportion of iron oxide it contains.
  • Due to the high iron content it has a strong astringent effect.
  • Detoxifies, cleanses and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Because of its high silica content, it strengthens and invigorates the skin.


Ghassoul, also known as rhassoul, can only be found in the Atlas Mountains. It gently cleanses the skin, absorbs fats, dirt, deposits, toxins, while allocates mineral substances into their place.

Flowers as natural ingredients of cosmetics

Purple Cone flower (Echinacea)

It stimulates cell activity, moisturizes the skin, improves skin texture and nourishes the skin. It reduces inflammations, heals and prevents infections. The echinacea plays an important role in the treatment of rheumatic and dermatological diseases. Cone-flower is also used to treat slow-healing of wounds, for example leg ulcer (ulcer cruris) and dermatological inflammatory processes. It also plays a significant role in preventing and treating flu-type illnesses.


Hibiscus petals are antioxidants and have an excellent bacteria killing effect. They also have a diuretic effect and protects the cardio vascular system. Cosmetic industry uses Hibiscus petals because of their calcium, iron, niacin and riboflavin content.

Marigold (Calendula officinalis)

It has a major role in skin care, because as it absorbs through the skin, it has a strong positive effect on the circulatory system and the skin. Calendula strengthens blood vessels, hence long term use can improve varicose vein problems. It effectively heals skin problems, handles eczema and inflammatory skin problems. The marigold has a major role in treating long healing wounds and burns.


Leander petals in cosmetic products have a toning effect. They have a relieving effect on skin with acne and on inflammatory skin. It is effective for psoriasis and eczema, but soothe sunburns as well. Lavender relieve fatigue, muscle pain, and rheumatic pains. These petals stimulate the immune system, and help to relax and regenerate. Also effective for greasy hair and dandruff.

Minerals, spices and other natural ingredients of Artisan Cosmetics

Cassia cinnamon

Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Pure cinnamon oil helps to combat cellulite and to shmoothen the bottom layers of the skin. Cinnamon grist has natural scrubbing property. Its pleasent smell is stimulating, hence it is a mood booster. During cosmetic use the skin can become red because it increases circulation. Those sensitive to cinnamon should test it before use. If a reaction is shown on the skin, the use is advised to be suspended.

Activated Charcoal

For centuries, black carbon powder has been considered the best facial cleanser. It diminishes the glowy characteristics of oily skin and brings back a beautiful skin color. It binds and thus removes impurities from the surface of the skin and deep cleanses acne and blackheads. The charcoal has gentle drying characteristic.

Cocoa powder

Cocoa and chocolate flavonol moisturizes the skin, strengthens its structure. Its caffeine content improves circulation. Due to its aroma, taste and caffeine content chocolate is revitalizing, invigorates mood and stimulates the production of endorphines (happy hormones).


Coconut oil and coconut milk are used not only for culinary purposes, but also to moisturize skin and to produce lotion, soaps, hair care and other beauty products. They are both antioxidants that protect the skin from harmful environmental effects. It strengthens and makes the skin tissues more elastic. Because of its moisturizing effect it delays skin aging and formation of wrinkles. The coconut is the ideal nourishing instrument of dry and oily skin because it is capable controlling the production of sebaceous gland. It relieves dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and dandruff symptoms and it helps reduce the appearance of blemishes. Dried coconut flakes gently scrub and remove dead skin cells.


Ground coffee bean has a gentle skin scrubbing effect and it is effective in treating cellulite. The caffeine content helps fresh the body and it enhances circulation. It stimulates micro-circulation, thereby, it improves the skin’s metabolism. Coffee beans as natural ingredients support the skin’s toxin selection processes, reduce the water congestion in the tissues. It makes the skin hydrated, flexible, and silky smooth.


Ginger has stimulating, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. Invigorates your mood and increases circulation. However, it may irritate sensitive skin. It is mostly preferred by men because of its spicy scent.

Green tea powder

Green tea is used in skin care because of its astrengent effect. It elminiates the oiliness of the skin, stops inflammation and evens skin roughness.

Himalayan salt

Both sea and Himalayan salt are among the purest salts and contain a great amount of minerals and for this reason, it is very popular in the cosmetics industry. It deep cleanses, detoxifies, and removes dead skin cells. The salt strengthens the skin’s own healing effects and therefore recommended for all skin types. These natural ingredients are right cleanses skin infections and is also effective against eczema and psoriasis.


Honey is a strong immune System booster. This antioxidant is rich in minerals, enzymes and vitamins and soothes the skin.

Iron oxide

The colour of clay, in general, vary from pink to red depending on their iron content. Iron oxide has an excellent astringent affect on the skin, hence it is very effective in treating wrinkles. It tightens pores which helps your skin to absorb less dirt during the day.

Lemon peel

These natural ingredients have long been used as a natural cleanser. The lemon peel can be used as a natural ingredient in a wash to help clear up acne.
Because acne most often occurs in oily skin, the acid in the lemon peel helps to eliminate excess oils on the face. Lemon peel also acts as a skin lightener. The acid in the lemon peel is primarily what drives these benefits, and it naturally breaks up oil, and helps to dissolve dead skin cells. This is especially useful for those looking to soften freckles as well as get rid of acne.
In addition to minimizing acne breakouts, using lemon peel has a number of preventative properties as well. Using lemon peel can prevent buildup caused by other face products or frequent make-up use. Lemon peel can also help with a mild sunburn, as it promotes new skill cell growth.

Muscovado (Unrefined cane sugar)

The unrefined cane sugar is an excellent skin scrub that is used in soaps and cosmetics because it gently treats the skin because of its AHA acid content. Glycolic acid is found naturally in cane sugar, pineapple, grapes and other fruits. Fruit acid treatment helps to clean and narrow wide pores, to lighten blemishes and to stimulate the growth of new cells. These natural ingredients as a result, wrinkles smoothies and rejuvenates the skin which will become silky and smooth.

Oat meal

Oatmeal or oat flakes soothe the dry and irritated skin. They gently cleanse the pores and heal acne. It is ideal for any skin type.

Orange peel

  • The orange peel has a much higher concentration of vitamins, minerals and nutrients than the fruit itself that can benefit your skin immensely.
  • You can use orange peel to treat various types of skin problems, including acne, oily skin, blackheads, blemishes, uneven skin tone.
  • The nutrients in orange peel are vitamin C that protects skin from free radical damage.
  • Calcium that helps in renewal of worn out cells.
  • Potassium that keeps the skin hydrated.
  • Magnesium that prevents oxidative stress in skin cells.

Poppy seeds

It is a natural skin scrub. The round seeds help to remove dead skin cells gently.

Rice powder

Rice contains lots of minerals and vitamins such as calcium, iron, manganese, zinc and vitamin B. It has a complex cleansing effect, it removes the excess oil from the skin and nourishes it with minerals. The rice powder is one of the ideal and natural ingredients of facial masks and skin scrubs. It preserves the natural moist of the skin. In eastern countries it is also used for treating wrinkles.


Sea salt is rich in minerals and is antiseptic and cleansing. It is deeply relaxing and helps to loosen muscles and refresh the skin. Both sea and Himalayan salt are among the purest salts and contain a great amount of minerals and for this reason. It is one of very popular natural ingredients in the cosmetics industry. The salt deep cleanses, detoxifies, and removes dead skin cells. It strengthens the skin’s own healing effects and therefore recommended for all skin types. Salt cleanses skin infections and is also effective against eczema and psoriasis.

Sugar maple (Acer saccharinum)

A powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that nourishes the skin. It`s anti-aging effect helps to make the fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth disappear. Acer or sugar maple syrup soothes the skin.


It`s main component is curcuma and it is anti-inflammatory. Turmeric deep cleanses and reposes the skin. It is a strong anti-oxidant. Effectively protects the skin from free radicals, slows down aging, controls fat levels, detoxifies and contains anti-histamine. It is a natural ingredient of cosmetics and it effectively treats acne, hives, scabies, eczema, psoriasis, stimulates cell renewal, and very good for a variety of wounds, scars, burns and insect bites.

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