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What do I need to know about natural skin care?

Human skin types can be varied depending on several internal and external factors.

Using natural cosmetics can help our body to be in contact with fewer harmful substances. Several skin problems can disappear simply from switching from mainstream cosmetics filled with chemicals to natural cosmetics.

The basics of natural cosmetics is making cleansing your skin (including the thorough cleansing of your face) part of your daily routine keeping the needs of your skin-type in mind using natural cosmetics that ensure your skin’s hydration. Besides their positive skin care effects, our cosmetics are used to heal, treat or pamper your skin.

Which handmade natural soap should I choose for dry skin?

The characteristics of dry skin are: peeling, rashes, vulnerability, pale colour or tight, itchy feeling.

Solution: Very often simply switching to natural cosmetics can help, but using products that contain olive oil, Shea butter or Cocoa butter for example is advisable. These ingredients are highly moisturizing and will help your skin regenerate.

We recommend daily use of our product without any limitations on quantity. These products will help you to treat and care your skin in the most natural way.

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Which natural soap do you recommend for eczema?

Characteristics of eczema are: itchy, red, scaly skin, intense peeling, pouches and red and dry skin.

Solution: Very often simply switching to natural cosmetics can help, but using our products with high mineral content with skin softening and healing effect are the most effective. These products containing ingredients such as silt, Shea butter, marigold or calendula or geranium oil also mildly increase scaling and help new skin tissues to form as well as restore the hydration and elasticity of your skin.

We recommend frequent daily use of these products for both children and adults.

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What should I use for psoriasis?

For psoriasis I recommend our Acer soap, which – apart from the delicate oils and butters – contains maple syrup with high vitamin E content. The fatty acids in the soap hydrate and nourish your skin.

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I’ve got acne, which soap will help?

For acne different types of soaps can be used. One product we highly recommend is our Detox Charcoal Black soap that contains activated charcoal – a substance used in hospitals to treat poisoning – which helps purify your pores. In case your skin is oily and the acnes are inflamed, we recommend our Lavender soap because lavender helps reducing inflammation and heal skin tissues. Depending on what scent you prefer, you can also try our Cocoa Tea-tree soap with similar effect.

If you have white- or blackheads, choose from our products that contain silt such as Pink in Bloom – Pnk Clay Soap, After Eight – Minty Fresh Chocolate Soap – a mint chocolate soap – or our Red clay soap.

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What should I use for oily skin?

Characteristics of oily skin are large pores, oily, shiny skin, acne, inflamed skin and pale colour.

Solution: the best is to use products with ingredients that have disinfecting, inflammation reducing and deep cleansing effects as well as can regulate the skin’s sebum production. Such ingredients are: activated charcoal, clays, lavender oil, tea-tree oil, peppermint oil, and our facial scrubs.

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My skin is sensitive; which products do you recommend?

The characteristics of sensitive skin are being sensitive to certain substances, allergy, extreme redness of skin, rashes and vulnerability.

Solution: Products that have calming, and inflammation reducing effects and provide delicate care such as Shea butter, Neem oil, Sugar Maple sap, calendula or marigold, lavender and clays.

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How should I use the solid shampoo soap?

Our shampoos are strongly foaming soaps which cleanse your hair and scalp using exclusively natural ingredients. The minerals our soaps contain help to stop and prevent itchy scalp and dandruff.

Use: Expand soap and apply it on your hair using circular, massaging motions and then wash it off with water. After this wash your hair through with lemon and water mix or a hair balsam containing natural ingredients.

When you start using this shampoo – especially if you have long hair – it takes about 2-3 occasions until your hair gets used to this new way of cleansing. After that time, you will see the difference, your hair will be softer, shinier and stronger.

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How to use the natural, traditional shaving soap?

Apply water on the area you want to shave then apply the foam on the surface.

After shaving, wash off the remaining soap with lukewarm water and dry your skin with a towel. Shake off water from the soap so that it can dry out properly.

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Which soaps can I use to wash my face? What should I use for mature skin?

Our Pink in Bloom – Pink Clay Soap and Red Clay Soap were developed for facial skin care and they are very good for mature skin as well because of its high mineral and vitamin content. The soap made from Shea butter and Cocoa butter gently cleanses, hydrates and regenerates your skin while it efficiently removes your make-up and protects your skin from pollution. Due to it’s A, E and F vitamin content, Shea butter is a real energy bomb for your skin in your daily skin care.

Use it every morning and at night. Expand the soap on your skin and then wash it off with lots of water. Can be used for removing make-up, but might cause burning sensation if it gets in the eye so you might want to consider other products to remove make-up around the eye.

It won’t make your skin dry, this product has been developed so that the hydrating butters help moisturize and gently cleanse and nourish your skin.

Use the unscented Salt soap once or twice a week to scrub your face.

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I am expecting, which products can I use?

I highly recommend for both skin care and cleansing our unscented products that are rich in butters.

IMORTANT! It is recommended to refrain from using products that contain Cinnamon and Rosemary volatile oils during pregnancy.

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What products can I use for the skin care of BABIES and INFANTS?

The most important factor to consider when you are choosing products for your baby is to choose products that contain no allergens or substances that might cause skin irritation. You should avoid using products that contain volatile oils in the first 6 months depending on how sensitive your baby’s skin is.

Our Fairy Baby 100% natural soap was developed for daily cleansing of highly sensitive skin. This soap only contains extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, Shea butter and grape seed oil and it effectively protects the skin as well as provides excellent skin care. Fill the tub with 36-37 C water and either dissolve a little bit of soap in the water or expand the soap in your hand and bathe your baby. Make sure the soap doesn’t get in their eyes.

Shea butter is highly suitable for the skin care of babies too as its composition is very similar to the natural emulsion that protects the human skin. If you feel your child’s skin is a little bit dry, put a teaspoonful Shea butter into your palm, wait until it becomes soft and then massage it into their skin after bathing. You can apply Shea butter on your baby’s skin daily.

For cradle cap (seborrhoeic dermatitis) use pure jojoba oil or sweet almond oil making sure the oil does not get in the eyes. Apply the oil on the scalp an hour before bathing then during bathing carefully wash the scalp using a towel or bath gloves.

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