Environment Protection and Nature

Nature and environment protection

Artisan Cosmetics pays special attention to nature and environmental protection. Our products have not been tested on animals and we do not use ingredients that went through such testing.

We don’t use palm oil in our products because the spreading of palm oil plantations encourages deforestation endangering the region’s fauna and flora. Thousands of hectares of rainforests are sacrificed to the new palm oil plantations in South America and Africa. This deforestation causes huge greenhouse gas emission which accelerates climate change.

Artisan Cosmetics also pays attention to selective waste collection and to produce as little waste as possible in order to protect the environment.

We also recycle and reuse packaging materials when it is possible. Our enterprise has chosen a packaging method that produces the least possible waste, but at the same time it keeps the products hygienic until its opening.

Our products are made 100 % made of natural and raw vegetal and mineral substances. In all our products have high quality oils and butters have been used that are of dietary purity and quality and are biodegradable.

Nature is speaking

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