About Us

About Us - Artisan Cosmetics

About us – Artisan Cosmetics

Artisan Cosmetics is a handicraft enterprise based in the UK. All handmade products are exclusively handmade including the packaging and are produced locally. The hand-made soaps are made with cold process, which ensures that the useful fatty oil stocks and vitamins remain in the end product.

Artisan Cosmetics addicted to nature. Read more about `our mission` >>

What we do?

  • handmade soap
  • skin care cosmetics
  • bath and body products
  • we sell recommended bath and beauty essentials

What we use to make natural cosmetics?

In all our products have high quality oils and butters have been used that are of dietary purity quality and are biodegradable. The chemical-free living is easy and straightforward choice for You.

Your skin is 90% of your selfie - Artisan Cosmetics
Your skin is 90% of your selfie – Artisan Cosmetics

What Artisan Cosmetics has never ever use for natural cosmetics?

No palm oil and palm olive derivatives are used in the production of any of our products. No artificial colourants are used in any of the Artisan Cosmetics products. The colour of a product is the result of the colour of the natural ingredients it contains. All Artisan Cosmetics products are palm oil-free.  Read more information from zero or minimal waste policy on the `Environment Protection` page.

We only use natural volatile oils (essential oils) and all of our products are cruelty-free cosmetics and contain no animal-tested ingredients.

Where we are?

Our natural cosmetics made by hands in United Kingdom.

Find more information `the founder` of Artisan cosmetics.

The 100% natural Artisan Cosmetics products provide complete skin care in conclusion effective and safe skin cleansing.  All our soaps are certified in accordance with EU regulations. Artisan Cosmetics also registered in The European Directory of Soap and Cosmetic Makers. Our products are certified for purity and quality by the professional bodies in the field of natural cosmetics.

In case you have any questions concerning skincare, as a result I recommend to read the frequently asked questions by clicking on the FAQ button in the menu.

Have a look our luxurious, exclusively handcrafted 100% natural skincare collection in Artisan Shop >>

Nature is speaking

More information about Safety And Animal Testing Controversy Of Cosmetics >>

My advice, get rid of all your cosmetic products that contain artificial colours, synthetic scents or other chemicals. These comercial cosmetics take control over your skin’s health.

Using massive amounts of chemicals may harm your health. These can lead to a build-up of carcinogenic and hormone-disruptive chemicals in the soil and in freshwater reserves. However, the participating scientists suggested that the constant presence of irremovable chemicals must have an impact on the natural balance of the skin.

If you would like more in-depth knowledge subscribe to a series of articles in which we uncover the secrets of the cosmetics industry.

You can read more information why not use perfumes, harsh chemicals or irritants for eczema on British Association Of Dermatologists Website.